What to Do if Your Partner Wants out of the Marriage

Saving Marriage in Simple Ways

Handling a situation where your partner is asking for divorce is not an easy thing to handle. If you feel that he want to get out of marriage but you still love him don’t be despair. There are a lot of things that you can do to save your relationship. Your reaction to this thing may save or destroy completely your marriage. It is ideal to take things slowly and wisely. Try to contemplate if you’ve done something wrong to trigger such decision.

All About WeddingDon’t answer with hot head. Stay come and discuss everything. Avoid imposing your idea, instead listen and absorb the words. Arguing will just make things worst; thus he will become even more determined to keep his decision. The best approach that you can do is to act normal. Let the situation cool down and have the usual conversation. Having such communication will allow to open the possibility of discussing the problem.

Do the reverse psychology. Instead of arguing try to agree of what he say, explain how you will feel if he decide to have the divorce but be kind. Ask him what made him to come up such decision and ask if there is something that you can do. If he will stick to his decision try to agree. He is expecting you to be mad but instead do the other thing. This will make him feel bad hearing your side can soften his heart.  Tell him that you will miss doing things with him, cooking him a sumptuous dinner and make him laugh. It will also make him think back about all the good things you did for him.

Don’t ask him to seek for an advice from the expert. It will just ignite a fight. Instead, do all the things that he loves. Show him that you are supportive, caring and loving partner. Ask him to do the things that you do together during your early marriage for the last time. Dine at a restaurant where you used to date and go to church together. Eventually divorce will not be the only option anymore it will bring a lot of possibilities.

Doing all these things will soon make him realize that love can be stronger than any argument you might have had. It is important that you will remain faithful to him not only through the entire process. Simple acts may help you like holding hands, hugging, cuddling, kissing and talking.

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