Wedding Stores in Houston, TX Offered White and Yellow Gold Jewelry

Getting White and Yellow Gold Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to popularity, white and yellow gold are indeed superstars. But have you ever wondered which between the two metals you will be choosing? The content of this blog will be your guide when you select white and yellow gold offered by respected wedding jewelry stores in Houston, TX.


White gold is the innovation of yellow gold. In order to make its color white, yellow gold needs to be mixed with palladium and manganese. Ring settings that are made of white gold have rhodium coatings to achieve a perfect white. On the other hand, yellow gold is a pure gold metal that is being mixed with other alloys to achieve a more durable make-up. The mixing is done not to change the palette, but for the reason of durability.


When it comes to the durability category, white gold comes out as a winner. The main reason why white gold is stronger is due to its mixture. White gold is more of other titanium family alloys rather than gold. Pure gold is a weaker metal; it will only become durable if mixed with other stronger alloys. But the good thing about yellow gold is its ability to resist bending and scratching. White gold’s coating, which is made of rhodium, is prone to scratching.

wedding jewelry storesMaintenance

White gold is easier to maintain as compared to yellow gold. The only hassle when wearing a white gold is the coating. Rhodium coating easily wears off depending on the acidity of the person wearing it. But once the coat has been re-applied, the white gold jewelry looks like it has been newly purchased. For the yellow gold’s case, it requires regular polishing rather than coating. Once polished, the fragmented parts will be smooth again. In some cases, yellow gold ring may need repair as some parts of its mixture may break.


Gold engagement rings are indeed subjective when it comes to cost. According to experts, it will always depend on the karat size. Based from the latest survey in the bridal market, white gold is found to be pricey as it is coated with rhodium which is an expensive type of durable metal. The thicker the coat of rhodium on your ring, the higher the price becomes.

Wedding fine jewelry Houston can offer different variations of gold, not just white and yellow gold. It is up to your taste and personal preference. If you want paler and simplistic color, go for white gold. If you have penchant with warmer colors, choose yellow gold instead.  

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