Trends that Take Over Wedding Catering in Denver, CO

New Style of Wedding Catering that You Should Know

Every year wedding catering trends in Denver, CO changes; developing and evolving in style, flavour and presentation. It depends on the kind of caterer that you are going to hire for your big day. You may want a more relaxed style, with the right kind of catering; you can opt for a traditional three course sit down meal. There are new trends that lie within the boundaries of this New Year. So if you want to have the best catering trends today, here are some considerations that you can take over:

Wedding CateringEvening Delights

So you’ve had a great day, filled with copious amounts of food and wine. When the evening celebrations start, the last thing most of your guests are thinking about is more food! Rather than presenting the previously obligatory buffet of cheeses, cold meats and sausage rolls, why not go for something a bit different. You can provide ‘Tommy’s Tacos’ or ‘Tommy’s Tortillas’ stands, perfect for cooking up delicious vegetarian or meaty Mexican snacks with all the trimmings, including sour cream and homemade salsas and guacamole. Or maybe you fancy some slow roasted meats, fresh bread rolls and lots of condiments and sides like apple sauce and fresh rocket. The trick is to keep it simple and delicious, but effective!

Sweet Treats

Everyone loves a ‘sweet treat’ wedding favour but it’s becoming increasingly popular for guests to be presented with a little treat at the end of your big day, just to say thanks! Homemade fudge, wrapped or boxed can be perfect for this, or for wedding favours. Especially when they come in every flavour imaginable!

Pretty Plates

Crockery is often forgotten about in the midst of wedding planning. Plain white generally comes as standard from venues or caterers and other options aren’t even considered. Everybody want that to change! Dress your tables with floral, colourful, mismatched crockery for a quirky, chic finish. This will be a great addition to make a perfect wedding event once in a lifetime.

Multicultural Menus

More and more wedding menus are ‘fusion-style’, incorporating a mixture of cuisines and flavours. Maybe you want to reminisce fond memories with food from a special holiday or trip. Perhaps you want your menu to reflect your own culture or, maybe your partner has a real passion for Thai food!

Amazing Appetisers

Serve wave after wave of delicious, beautifully presented hot and cold canapés in a range of styles and flavours on your wedding catering in Denver, CO. They get your reception going and provide a talking point for guests who might be struggling to mingle. They can be as ‘out there’ in style of service and taste as you like and because they’re optional so the flavour shy can avoid the more daring ones.

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