Top Wedding Catering Desserts in Long Island, NY that Aren’t Cakes

Non-Cake Bridal Catering Desserts


Featuring cakes on a wedding event is now eclipsing due to the arrival of the new trends. Traditionally, cakes are the most awaited desserts being served on the reception venue table but not until it was overshadowed by its new competitors. The desserts of wedding catering in Long Island, NY are not necessarily cakes.


Pie: If you are having a backyard chic theme on your wedding then pies will always be the best representative of the something bucolic and rustic style. Instead of cake cutting, you can replace it with pie cutting. This trend is getting popular these days. Aside from being less expensive, it is also highly health beneficial by featuring pecan nuts.

Cupcakes: Basically, this is a smaller version of a cake. There are a number of cupcake types that you can choose, ranging from regular sized to mini cupcakes. Cupcakes can also be arranged in tiers in order to emulate the 7-tier wedding cakes; all you need to have is a cake stand. The flavors are also highly customizable.

Cookie bar: Travel back to your childhood wherein cookies are still the hottest favorite. This option is really economical rather than getting a real cake. You can decorate your cookies creatively in order to entice your guests more.

Macaroons: This Italian treat will surely flood your guest’s plates since they are very delicious. Macaroons are trendy; it started last 2009 and still making waves until these days.

Try ditching wedding cakes as desserts on your wedding catering Long Island for once in a while. You will be surprised how your guests were surprised. Try the yummy dessert suggestions as mentioned above. You can also search for other creative treats that you can serve on your big day.

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