Top Wedding Cake Flavors in Chicago, IL to Pick

Wedding Cake Flavor Choices

If you want to turn heads and make guests salivate on your wedding event, try to serve them with the quintessential wedding cake flavors that you have chosen personally. If you have no idea yet what flavor you are going to handpick, you can always ask from the professional providers of wedding cakes in Chicago, IL. Your bakers will assist you step by step on the process.

wedding cake

(1) Red Velvet

If you want to capture a flavor that is not focused on vanilla or chocolate, you can get red velvet. This is the cake flavor that represents romance and celebration of love. Most of the time, red velvet is frosted with cream cheese. Red velvet is best availed when you get it in 7 tiers.

(2) Chocolate

With all the new innovated flavors coming in the market, chocolate remains one of the classics that one could not easily replace. It is an all time favorite that even kids and adults really love. Cake is in itself sophisticated because you can combine it with other flavors such as strawberry, mint, orange and many more. Chocolates have a number of variations so you will never run out of sweet options.

(3) Lemon

When life gives you lemons make a sweet cake out of it. The flavor of this cake is really tangy and light.  Most of the time, this flavor is perfect for a nuptial celebration held on spring. This is also a good alternative for couples who wanted to get rid of heavy and fuller cakes. You can accessorize it with berries and topped with whipped cream.

The event will not be complete without wedding cakes in Chicago, IL. Make sure you plan out for your wedding cakes flavors well because the last thing you need to worry is disappointing your guests with their most awaited wedding cakes in Chicago.

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