Shopping in Denver, CO for Engagement Rings with the Best Cut of Diamond that Looks Best on Her

Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts and Shapes

It is perceived by many that an engagement ring should have a sparkling rock mounted on top. On the other hand, not all women would be enticed to accept a marriage proposal if you offer a diamond engagement ring. While diamonds are considered as ‘girls’ best friend’, it is not really the case for everyone. You should know well if your partner is a fan of sparkling stones, like diamonds. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying a ring that she won’t really love to wear every day.

Wedding RingIn case your partner wants a diamond engagement ring, you should do your homework in researching about diamonds. It won’t be easy to shop for diamond engagement rings in Denver, CO. Although there are dozens of diamond engagement rings at your local jewelry stores and online, the diamond rings comes in various sizes, styles, designs, shapes and colors.

A diamond can be distinguished in different forms. The cut and the shape are usually the two characteristics of diamonds that many people find difficult to understand. Diamond carats can be determined if you ask the jeweler. The quality of diamonds can be differentiated easily through its color. The yellowish or brownish its color, the lower is the quality and its carat is.

There are many shapes that a diamond could be, but the round-shaped diamond is the most popular. Other shapes include the Princess, Pear, Cushion, Heart, Asscher, Oval, Emerald, Marquise and Radiant. The rectangular-shaped diamonds are Princess, Asscher, Radiant and Emerald. The Marquise is shaped like a pear but pointed at both ends, while the rest are shaped according to what their name suggests.

It is easy to tell them apart but it is not easy to pick which of the shapes will work best for your partner’s taste.

Don’t get yourself confused between the diamond’s shape and its cut. The shape is referred to the appearance of the stone, while cut is its ability to reflect light. If you want to buy a ring that can sparkle magnificently against light, then focus on its cut. However, you should choose a diamond ring carefully if you want something that would complement her hand best.

The secret in buying a diamond engagement ring for your partner is to pick carefully the best shape. The diamond shape has a huge effect on how the engagement ring will look like on her ring finger. For instance, if your partner has shorter fingers, the best diamond shapes are elongated styles. Shop for engagement rings in Denver, CO with pear, marquise and oval-shaped diamonds. Those wide shaped diamonds can make the fingers even shorter. For those with longer fingers, look at diamond rings with shapes like princess and radiant. These shapes create an illusion in making the fingers shorter.

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