Purpose of Henna Tattoo for Indian wedding

Meaning of Henna tattoo for Indian wedding

Tattoos are used by people as a fashion statement. It is a permanent inked artwork in our body. But for Hindus, henna tattoos are used for their wedding and feast and prepared carefully in their wedding preparations. Henna tattoos or Mehndi are paste that is made of a henna plant. But what do you think is the main purpose of Henna tattoo for Indian wedding?

Henna tattoos are just temporary. It will disappear in a short period of time. Well, for Hindus, a henna tattoo in their palms and feet is a symbol. A symbol of good luck. Their tradition of being inked by a henna tattoo in a Hindu wedding is called Mehndi.

Their traditional body artwork, Mehndi, is usually done in many wedding, pre wedding and post wedding celebration. It became their ritual from then and now. For them, that tradition is very symbolic. That is why, they never forget to practice that ritual. They learn to love the culture that they adopt in their elderly and ancestors started with.

The main purpose of this practice is an expression. To express how different Hindus celebrate their wedding ceremonies and festivals. To show us how proud they were in their culture. And hand over it to their young bloods. This body artwork and ritual will forever be an Indian wedding traditions.

That is the purpose of Henna tattoo for Indian wedding. It is not just like a design in their body, but its symbolize something that we do not really know. Historians know about how Mehndi started in Hindu. You can also read from books and from Indian history web sites.

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