Kinds of Wedding Cookies in Houston TX That You Can Avail

Delicious wedding cookies in Houston TX

You can choose from the wide array of desserts that are available for your wedding day. One of the most popular desserts that couple chooses to have is the cookie. It is a simple dessert that comes in various flavors and enjoyed by guests of all ages.

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The following are the kinds of wedding cookies in Houston TX that you can avail.

Rolled Cookies – This kind of cookie is made with as stiff dough. You have to roll the dough into a board and cut to make a shape that you like. Make sure that you use a small part of the dough at a time. If you want to have soft and chewy cookies, you have to keep the dough thick and roll it thinly for crispier cookies.

Dropped Cookies – This is the easiest kind of cookie that you will make. You have to drop a teaspoonful of cookie dough into the cookie sheet. See to it that there is enough room between the cookies for spreading. Use a cookie scoop for uniform sizes.

No Bake Cookies – This cookie does not need baking. Some may refer to it as a candy and no a cookie. An example of a no bake cookie is the oatmeal cookie. They can be made easily with the use of a double boiler and a candy thermometer.

Pressed Cookies – Cookie press is being used in order to create pressed cookies. It is very important that the dough is soft to be placed in a cookie press. You can refrigerate the dough for a while if it is too soft.

It is good to know that you can choose from a wide array of wedding cookies in Houston TX. You can find a lot of bakeries and pastry shops that sells cookies.

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