Different Services Offered by Wedding Planners in Los Angeles CA

Knowing Wedding Planner’s Services

Naturally, there are different kinds of wedding planners in Los Angeles CA. When you are having your wedding soon and you are in desperate need of a planner, you can hire one. However, it’s better if you know what kind of service these wedding planners in Los Angeles CA offers to you. Different levels of planner will help you identify their fees and you can easily know their own style by knowing their services. Here are some of the services a wedding planner offers:

plannerHourly Wedding Planner Service

A bride who only has one or two issues to address, like finding the right band or location. Hourly wedding planners in Los Angeles will meet you for however long you need–to assist with any aspect of their wedding. Your planner can search for venues, research and suggest wedding suppliers, create a budget…the list is endless. Your planner may or may not be at the actual wedding–that depends on you.

Full Service Wedding Planner

A busy bride who needs the hands-on professional help from a wedding planner from the very beginning to the end. You can just suggest a little and your planner do all the work for you. This is an all-time planning job. You don’t have to do anything because your planner will do everything from that endless list including dealing with wedding venue providers.

Day Off Wedding Planner Service

The bride who can oversee details herself but wants someone around on the ‘big day’ to make sure things run smoothly. A ‘day-of’ wedding planner means getting involved up to a month before your wedding. Ideally, all of the wedding arrangements will have been taken care of months before by you alone before this planner do the rest that is needed to be done.

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