How to Clean Wedding Dresses in Charlotte, NC

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Cleaning wedding dress is very important before they are keep in the closet. There are a lot of ways to clean the dress; the wet cleaning and the dry cleaning. There are disadvantages and advantages that this process can give you.

Dry cleaning is very popular to maintain the quality of the dress but the problem is, there are some stains that are water based. In this case it is crucial to perform that wet cleaning to remove the possible dirt that may cause damage to your Charlotte wedding dresses.

One of the misinterpretation of wet cleaning is that, it will ruin the form and of the dress. Most people don’t know that professional dress cleaners use machines that are very gentle on the fabric. They perform a delicate procedure to maintain the beauty of the dress.

If you can’t find professional cleaners for wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC you may perform the cleaning all by yourself. However you need to consider a lot of things to protect the wedding dress from any possible damage.

First you need to inspect the dress. It is important to determine what are the stains are made of. This will help you to determine if you can do the cleaning or not. If the dirt is not too serious you can start looking for cleaning supplies that is suitable for the dress. In order to do this you need to do some research online. The most common part where dirt can build up is in the hemline of the skirt and the tip of the train.

If you already examine the entire dress and you only have problem with the tip of the dress then the next part is soaking the hem line in warm and sudsy water for couple of hours. Use toothbrush to clean the dirt but make sure that you will do it gently especially if the tip is made of lace. Turn the dress inside out so that you can also clean the inner side. If the skirt is made from different layers you need to check each layer for possible dirt. Once you already clean the dirty part of dress hang dry the dress.

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