Negotiating with Your Wedding Venues

It is your wedding day so it is important that everything is well planned out. To get everything that you wanted to incorporate on your wedding, you need to establish a good relationship with your wedding vendors first. Once you do this, everything will come your way.

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Some brides are turning to bridezillas because they wanted to incorporate everything without even considering the side of the vendors. Bridezillas are kind of brides that most vendors would not want to work with. To avoid this kind of issues while you are planning, reading some tips is an imperative way to make your wedding preparation less stressful.


When you are about to enter a talk among wedding vendors, do not start the process unless you have studied the quotes of the selected providers. Talking to your vendors could be really easy if you have the idea on the type of service and price its competitors offer. If the current vendor you are talking to has a better offer than the others, you can put the provider on your priority list. Keep on interviewing list of vendors until you have decided which one is the best.

Know how to communicate

You can successfully sway your vendors if you are using a kind of tone. Always use sweet tone when you talk to them so that you can land a good deal. Negotiating should be done in very low key and nice way. If you are too pushy then your vendors might get irritated with you. Always remember that you can attract more flies when you are using honey rather than vinegar.

Ask nicely

Once you have established a good relation with your provider,—let’s say you are dealing with a wedding reception venue— you can start inserting your personal agenda to test the water. Most brides are shy to ask. This type of business is very tricky sometimes. If you will keep your sweet side until the end, chances are low when it comes to getting freebies. After showing your sweet side, give them a little taste of your aggressive side. Who knows that you might be served free coffee, wine, signature cocktail or even a free room when you closed the deal?

Clarify nibbling

Before you sign contract with your vendor, make sure that you open up nibbling. It is important that this thing should be cleared out. Nibbling is the extra charges that the vendor will give you for the extra services that they will provide like for example cake cutting or cake plating. This technique is usually used by the vendors when you are about to sign. Don’t fall for that. Always clarify that you do not want any extra charges because it is out of the budget.

Becoming flexible

To further cut down the price of your deal, you can also consider scheduling your wedding on weekdays or even during an off season. If you deal with some vendors, they will book you on wedding seasons so that they can have the freedom to increase the cost. Always clarify that you have this kind of budget to follow so off season will work best.

Think of your advantage

If things will not work out, it is always your advantage to walk away without even attaching your signature into the deal. Other couples pretend to walk away in order to make the vendor customize the service on the benefit of the couple. The wedding industry is based on word of mouth referral so the providers usually avoid disappointing their customers. Although you can act aggressive sometimes, also bear in mind that you also consider them because it is also their source of income, click to find out more.

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